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Delta Amber sets the gold standard when it comes to cannabis processing. Award winning concentrates are now possible with our propriety service yeilds highly consistent and sought after concentrate products, time after time.

Exctraction : The solvent extraction method is utilized with board approved solvents. Residual Solvent Analysis (R.S.A) Cannabinoid Profile Testing are performed to ensure purity and concentration.

Packaging : Desirable packaging : Universal dispensers that Delta Amber provides with a stainless steel tip to dispense easily into a vape cartridge, wrap, or dab rig. Bulk Packaging is available as well.

Cost Effective : Increase income by using your current inventory and turn it into a new high quality product Award Winning Extraction Method- Our extract artists have worked hard to perfect this award winning process technique Safe- Delta Amber ensures consumer safety and stays compliant with state regulations and laws.
This is a complex and potentially dangerous art; leave it to the professionals!

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